Thursday, May 7, 2015

Instagram and Project Chaos

Renovation is ugly, y'all! I'm a DIY network fan and the "Crasher" shows are always family favorites. Three days....Total transformation. Um, yeah.... I need a whole crew to come in and do that for me.

I posted {THIS} photo on Instagram yesterday. Later on I found out that the one and only Kitchen Crashing Diva, Alison Victoria, actually liked my photo! I gushed!!! Maybe she thought I (and this linoleum floor) looked pretty pitiful! It doesn't really matter because SHE LIKED MY PHOTO!!!

We assembled Caleb's play set and he's super excited about it. Me? Not so much. I look out and he's trying daredevil stunts on it.

All I see when I look at this is the amount of staining I'm going to have to do... Ha!

We've been working on our new front porch as well. I found the cutest doormat at Kirkland's. The chevron pillows came from Amazon. They are so pretty! My filter on Instagram does not do them justice! They are a sunny yellow. I ordered the bistro chair cushions from another company and they ended up being the exact same shade of yellow.
We hauled off our first load of carpet this week. Our hardwood floors have arrived and will be delivered next week. It's so hard to imagine taking such a little sample of wood and envisioning the whole house in it. Ryan and I agreed that we were not going to DIY this project though. We are leaving the floor installation to the pros! I will show you how it all goes down though....

I'm not doing fabulous with my eating this week. I'm tired and I splurged. In my defense, one of our marina dockage customers brought us individual fancy cheesecakes. I couldn't turn that down. (It totally killed my stomach though. Lots and lots of pain.) I possibly even took bites of my coworkers' cheesecakes too.... It was ugly, y'all! But oh so good.

I have spent more time with my mama this week and I am so thankful for that. Life has really got in our way over the past couple of months. I was run down and exhausted this week (Thank you, EB virus....You can read about that here.) so she came over to help me out. We tackled the countertops and moved on to the deep cleaning phase of getting our old home ready for the market. 

We left our king sized bed in the master bedroom to show that it fits nicely. All of the paint has been updated and the house smells so fresh and clean.

We are removing the bed, but I totally did not get that far! This once was Caleb's room. Remember the nautical nursery days and those bright blue and red walls? All gone. I admit it was just a tad bit sad to see that go, but I know it's for the best.

I had my camera so I wanted to show you a little more of the countertop transformation.

Some were curious about the brush stroke lines and finish of the counters. It's actually a really smooth finish and I love it! I cannot see any roller lines.

Way better, right?!? You can read more about the countertops and see the before shots {HERE}!

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