Sunday, May 31, 2015

Levi Turns One

My nephew turned one last week and we celebrated his birthday with him this weekend. You absolutely have to work for every smile, but he's just the cutest little thing! 

Caleb and Zoey had a blast playing together. I have such a tough time getting them to stand still long enough for a decent picture. 

I'm fairly sure Levi's current favorite food is chocolate cake. He absolutely loved it! (It's one of my favorites too.....)

Caleb says that he doesn't like babies except for Levi. I'm hoping they will grow up and be great friends one day.

The night ended with a sleepy baby boy falling asleep in my arms. He partied himself out! It made me think of the hours I spent rocking him in the hospital right after he was born. He's as sweet and precious now as he was then. I am so thankful to be his aunt. 

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