Friday, May 22, 2015

My Favorite Tool (And A Meal Idea)

I'm making progress all over the place at the new house. This week I painted the kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, and three bedrooms. I am beyond exhausted, but it really hasn't been as bad as I imagined. I tried using a paint sprayer. Terrible idea. It was too heavy, splattered everywhere and made a huge mess!

I asked Ryan to grab my E-Z Twist Paint Stick and I set out to roll the entire house. You can buy one {HERE}. I'm going to be honest here, I will absolutely not paint anything else without this thing. It has been my number one painting item throughout getting the old house prepped to sell and this new home renovation. Best tool ever. 

I can paint an 8 x 8 wall in about a minute. I painted the first coat throughout in about three hours. My arms were sore, but I figure it's a great workout. I have one more coat to go and I'm ready to knock it out! My arms should look more toned after this! 

HomeRight EZ-Twist Roller

I used my pressure cooker to cook pork chops and carrots. I added some organic chicken stock to the pressure cooker, some garlic and pepper. I cooked it for 30 minutes and got an easy, flavorful dinner. I baked a bunch of potatoes earlier in the week so I just reheated them. 

I actually had seconds because this meal was so good! Prepping my baked potatoes has saved me a lot of time this week. I just washed about 20 of them, rubbed some olive oil and salt on them, wrapped them aluminum foil and baked them.

Right now I don't have tons of time to cook, but I don't want to sacrifice my healthy eating. The crockpot and pressure cooker are my best friends right now. You can make this same meal in your crockpot. Just throw everything in on low. 


  1. Hi,
    What did you do with the potatoes after you cooked them? Freeze or fridge?



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