Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Patiently Waiting

Five year old little boys don't have a lot of patience! I've noticed that Caleb is beginning to learn restraint at times. Last week I was sitting on the patio watching the guys work in the yard and I finally saw a glimpse of his patience showing through. 

Ryan wanted to cut down a ragged looking bush. Since there was a chain saw involved, Caleb was beyond excited. He ran to grab his and stood back waiting for his chance to help. 

His little face was adorable to watch. He thinks his daddy is the coolest person ever....when they aren't butting heads!

I'm not really sure what he was doing in this picture, but his face is so funny!

And finally it was his turn....

Caleb is so content working. I've really never seen a child that young want to work so much. And the most surprising thing is that he's pretty helpful while doing so. Win-win for us!

1 comment:

  1. Boys love to help at that age until they get a bit older and realize its work. My 9 year old is hit and miss he will go out and help for a while then disappear because its "work". While my 5 year old goes and goes and goes until we make him stop.



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