Sunday, May 3, 2015

Putting Myself on the Injured List

Another busy weekend has come and gone. Ryan and I are beyond exhausted. Owning two homes is something I never imagined myself doing. Our old house needed some things before going on the market and it's like the list that never ends. Every time we turn around we are updating this or finishing that. It just won't stop! I know deep down that it's gets hardest right at the end and we are most definitely there.

At the new house, I came home to my boys ripping up carpet. I love how my husband takes the time to let Caleb "help". Sure he could have done things much quicker without a certain five year old, but he included a little boy who was desperate to learn. My heart is so full of love for these two guys.

The pictures aren't fabulous lately....I have no idea where my camera is packed. Forgive me, y'all! Just pretend they are staged so beautifully.

Someone was thrilled to get the job of removing the staples. More power to him....

Saturday morning we had back to back baseball games. Caleb played catcher and I got to help in the dugout. Perfect place to grab a quick picture of my favorite ball player. He's getting so big! I am so very proud of this little boy. In just a few weeks he has come a long way. I can definitely tell his throwing is more accurate and he has a longer range. I was concerned that Caleb wouldn't find a good position to play since he's really super active. He got so bored in the outfield and couldn't concentrate long enough to play infield. Coach tried him as a catcher and it forces him to pay more attention. He's pretty much always doing something. If he continues in this position, I think he will do well since he's a bigger kid. I've seen plenty of home plate rough housing that I know he can stand up to!

While Ryan worked on the old house, Caleb and I were the go-getters. On Friday night, we made a trip to Lowe's for beadboard, trim, and a door. Here we were pushing this cart across the and a five year old little boy loading each item....and getting it all out the door without any catastrophes. I was feeling pretty proud of us and then everything fell apart.... When we checked out, this really nice guy offered to help load our truck. As we were loading (and talking) and I wasn't paying attention, I knocked myself in the face with a floor scraper. Not only was it embarrassing, but I have a bruise beside my eye! I obviously did not use the tie downs properly so things were sliding around and we were certain everything would fall out of the back of the truck. Luckily, we made it back in one piece.

On Saturday we made a second trip. This time we loaded everything in my SUV without help or injuries. We felt so proud of ourselves that we stopped to get a mini Blizzard.

I'm still trying to pull off the Whole 30, but I completely broke down and ate that Blizzard. It was really good, but did hurt my stomach. I think I am sensitive to dairy and gluten. I never would have guessed had I not taken it out of my diet. I am putting together some recipes to give you some great Whole 30 meal ideas.

What did you do this weekend? Did you make it through without injury? 


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend. Sucks you got a bruise on your face but hey makeup can fix that :) The last few weekends I have been a total clutz usually falling or getting some sort of bruise.
    Super cute pic of your workers tearing up your carpet. When we built our house the boys wanted to always help some days they did some days I took them to do other things so work could progress.



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