Thursday, May 21, 2015

Renovation Progress

Home projects at the new house are coming along nicely this week. Our lives are consumed with this renovation because that's literally all we have to do there. No recliners, no cable, nothing. The simple life has actually been kind of nice. Caleb hasn't had his hoards of toys in his room. And guess what? He's having a blast! It certainly hasn't killed him to do without those things and if anything I believe he has thrived during this stage of our lives. Ryan, on the other hand, is struggling without cable. He hasn't died yet so we'll keep pushing on. 

I cut in around all of the crown molding throughout the house. My next step is rolling every single wall. Fun times, but big progress! 

These two have been hard at work. Caleb has really enjoyed helping out and I know these will be some great memories when he's older.

There was a second sub floor glued down on top of the original sub floor in the kitchen. That all had to come up when prepping for the new hardwood floors. It has been rough! It only comes up in pieces and the floor is extremely sticky. Fabulous.... We've spent a lot of time with a pry bar and a hammer.

We have our light installation, floor installation, and wall painting left. We are slowly but surely knocking it out. It's a tedious process and my husband is very meticulous. He demands perfection throughout the process and I am sure everything will look just like we wanted once we're done. 

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  1. Looking good! Love that your son is working right alongside you guys. Quite the hard worker!



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