Friday, May 29, 2015

She's A Social Butterfly

I took a two week break from Zumba® class while we got the house ready for floors. I was beyond tired and exhausted and I really needed a chance to get caught up. Without hesitation, Julia agreed that I should take a break. We texted off and on through the break and I just really started to miss her (and all of the Zumba® girls). We wanted to have fun on our first night back together and declared it Twisted Sister Night! I picked my favorite songs from her playlist and she picked her favorites from mine. I didn't realize it, but it gave us one crazy tough workout! I love every single one of her butt kicking, high energy songs. I began regretting my choices towards the end....Ha! Two weeks of no workouts combined with her toughest songs....What was I thinking?!?

The people from Awesome Best Friends T's sent us two shirts to wear for our Zumba® classes. We co-teach together and these two shirts describe us perfectly! Julia is wide open, honest, and has no fear while I absolutely hate talking in front of a group of people. My husband tells me that I definitely need a friend like Julia in my life to make me bolder. Julia was so encouraging from the very beginning. She got me hooked on Zumba® fitness and helped me so much as a new instructor. We laugh together, vent together, and workout together. You just can't ask for a better friend. I am blessed to have her in my life.

We got several laughs before class with our Social Butterfly/Awkward shirts! Awesome Best Friends T's custom made these in purple and pink for us and they turned out so adorable. I think we have our eyes on a couple of others next. 

Find these {HERE}! 

We love these for sure! They would be too cute in pink! 

Find these {HERE}. 
There are so many options at Awesome Best Friend T's! You've gotta check them out {HERE}. You can get 10% off of your order by joining their mailing list. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to see their new designs! 

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  1. Love the shirts! I am just like you I hate being in front of a group and then having to speak makes my skin all clammy! Zumba looks fun but I am to big of a chicken to go and try it however if I lived closer to where you teach I would come take one of your classes!



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