Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Whole 30 Squash and An Easy Meal Idea

I finally got to cook in my new kitchen this week and it felt like Heaven! It wasn't an elaborate meal because we are still deep in the home renovation. I'm searching for quick and easy meals and this was definitely one of them. I mentioned yesterday that I would share recipes this week.

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Our local produce store offers Amish sausage and it has quickly become a family favorite. The taste is just so much better than anything store bought. I use this in several recipes and it is fabulous grilled. I sliced mine for this meal and cooked it on the stove.

I simply cut three large yellow squash and half of one onion, dumped it in my Pyrex, added two cups of water, and covered it. I cooked it in the microwave on high for 18 minutes. I added a little salt and pepper after it was finished cooking. I made my husband and son a little coleslaw to go with it. I actually like the coleslaw mix plain so I ate mine that way.

This meal is super quick, Whole 30 approved, affordable, and easy. Can you actually believe you get to eat meals like this without counting calories, macros or anything and still lose weight?!? It doesn't get any better than that! 

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