Friday, May 1, 2015

Zumba® Cruise 2016

Have you heard the awesome news????? Do you need a vacation? Do you need a tropical getaway? Wanna go on a cruise with your favorite Zumba® fitness superstars??? It's time to register for the very first Zumba® Cruise 2016!!! 300 classes......130 Celebrity Instructors.....Two Amazing Destinations! Who wants to go???
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A Once-In-A-Lifetime Vacation Only Happens Once

Enjoy the ultimate vacation with your besties and the world’s top Zumba® instructors. Bring your friends, family and students. The Zumba® Cruise is where your classmates become shipmates. Discover paradise on Zumba’s private island experience in Labadee where you’ll enjoy a toes-in-the-sand concert experience. Pack your day with as many (or as few) Zumba classes as you want—spa anyone?

The Zumba® Class Pass

The Zumba® Cruise is packed with theme classes led by celebrity instructors (ZES's) that you can’t experience anywhere else.

Exclusive Live Concert on Zumba® Island
Imagine this: you’re on a breathtaking private island with your toes in the sand. You’re surrounded only by your besties as you enjoy a Zumba® Cruise exclusive concert in beautiful Labadee, Haiti. The global rhythms don’t stop there. You’ll feel the beat and let music from every corner of the world move you. Discover Zumba® Island

It’s All Fun And Games
Enjoy fun-filled Zumba-themed activities and events.

Zumba® Apparel DIY Workshops
Zumba® Dance Contests & Games
Theme Parties That Rock the Boat
Inspirational and Motivational Speakers
Live Music & More

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