Monday, June 1, 2015

Family Filled Weekend

This weekend was very special for us. Caleb and I traveled with my parents and niece to see my great aunts and uncles. As a child I can remember huge family reunions with them, but unfortunately I had not been to one since I was 8 years old. My great aunt and uncle have a farm and I can remember tractor rides with Uncle Bob. I wanted Caleb to share part of my childhood memories with me so we took a break from all of the home projects to visit them.

It was about a three hour trip there and I was stuck in the backseat with two five year olds. My child talks non-stop.... Thank goodness for his Leap Pad!

Zoey loved the nearby horses!

The "big" kids assembled Caleb's new toy.

And the biggest kid of all had to try it first.

My dad showed Caleb how to shoot a basketball and he was surprisingly not bad!

And Uncle Bob showed the kids his tractors. Caleb was in Heaven!

We had four generations of my family together and it was so nice to see everyone.

My Uncle David let us cruise around in his Beetle and the kids had a great time. There's nothing like cruising around on back country roads with the top down. 

Both kids were exhausted when we loaded up to come home. Caleb was whiny and moody and Zoey passed out. She looked so uncomfortable riding with her head slumped over. Caleb tried to help her out and ended up with her leaned on his arm.

His face was just too funny!

We were glad to get home and see Daddy. Ryan brought some of our bigger pieces of furniture in and did a bunch of yard work. It looks so nice!

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