Monday, June 29, 2015

Family Time

This weekend we were able to celebrate my husband's grandfather's 90th birthday. What a blessing!!! Ryan's grandfather served in our military, traveled all over the country, and raised an amazing family.

He is so precious to me because I see so much of him in my husband. I have him to thank for Ryan's dedication to his family, work ethics, and handy man talents. Ryan has been raised by two wonderful men and I can see their influence throughout my husband's life.

Ryan's aunt and cousin joined us this weekend. Caleb has been so excited to spend time with them. 

We had a shrimp boil at the house and watched the wildlife in the backyard. Somehow we now have another cat and a pet raccoon. We started out with our cat and ended up feeding other animals. 

Caleb convinced Audra to try out his new bunk bed. He was so excited to show off his new room. 

And no cousin trip would be complete without pictures... This was the best we could pull off. There were a few that didn't make the cut... Ha! 

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