Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Another Playlist

Last week some of you decided to start working out with me. It's time for y'all to check in and let me know how it's going! Make sure to comment below.

Fortunately now that I have workout buddies here, I have done a lot better with staying committed. I've jumped back on my Whole 30 approach to eating and I've had just a few small cheats. It's much better than going all out and eating junk, so I am making progress. I am happy to report that I have lost nine pounds since we started last week.

We worked hard in our Zumba® fitness class this week. We had a "Bring Your Buddy" night and our room was packed! It was such an adrenaline rush to look out and see so many ladies. Our room was so full that Julia and I had to jump up on stage to teach.

I have a fairly shy nature in real life. I thought I had conquered my teaching fears a while ago, but as soon as we jumped up on stage and I realized that there were bright lights shining right down and that everyone in the room could actually see me, my heart raced. I think this is one of those things that will have to get easier with time.  

We had a dance-off during class and I think it helps for some of the ladies to get a closer look at our feet during some of the choreo. 

My sweet stepdaughter took pictures during class and I laughed over some of our facial expressions. Sometimes you can really tell how hard we're working up there! 

For those of you who have decided to workout with me this week, I've built another playlist for you to do at home. If you want to check out last week's set for more variation this week, you can find it {HERE}. 


  1. I did work out more last week because of you and your playlist, so Thank you! I just hope I can keep it going and work out regularly rather than just more than usual. :-)



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