Friday, July 31, 2015

Carpet and Tile.... A Patio Project

Most of us have them. That one project around the house that just really needs to happen. It's the eye sore. Ours happens to be out back patio. Grey carpet covering slick, pink tile. When it rains, the tile is a huge hazard. The easiest solution was to lay down some carpet to step on. That worked well for Ryan's grandparents because they really didn't walk on it a lot.

Once we moved in, the carpet took a beating. We are outdoor people and we used the area a lot. So the poor carpet started ripping, bunching up and got very dirty in just a matter of weeks. Ryan and I knew that we had to do something different.

We cleared the patio, removed the carpet and cleaned the tile. 

It helps if you have kids to help too....

We were left with a clean area to work with.

I picked up some concrete paint and Ryan added in sand for texture. Madison rolled the first coat and Ryan came behind sprinkling the sand. After it dried completely, we scraped the patio to knock down some of the texture (because it was a little too rough on my bare feet). Then we came back with a final coat of paint. 

The patio looks so much better! We wanted an easy, affordable solution to our tile problems. In the future, we plan to do something different out here but for now we have eliminated the tripping and slipping problems. Plus, it just looks cleaner and we can enjoy it more now! 

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