Friday, July 3, 2015

Road Trip and Food

This week we made our annual road trip to pick up my stepkids. Ryan and I enjoy traveling together. It gives us a chance to spend some time with each other and visit new places. The road trip always makes for a long day so we make the best of it. We started out at 5:00 am so we would have plenty of time for breaks.

My poor husband is not a morning person. It takes him just a bit to get going. Me? Not so much! 

We visited a new Bass Pro Shop on the way. They had a beautiful park beside the store and we walked around for a bit.

We can't pass up a chance to shop at Bass Pro. We love that store! I don't think there's been a time we walked out empty handed.

The XM Radio in the car got plenty of use. I pretty much love all music. From country to Latin music, I can find something awesome to dance to!

We were thrilled to finally see Madison and Bryce. Summer can never come soon enough for us. Once we picked them up we headed to Gander Mountain and a Mexican restaurant right down the road. We've made this our tradition and it's a great chance for us to stretch our legs.

On the way home, we hit rough weather. It absolutely poured on us most of the way home.

I was so happy to get back to Caleb. He'd spent the night before with his grandparents and I was really missing him. The kids were excited to see their new rooms and we've made plans to get them decorated together. I had thought about having everything hung up in their rooms before they arrived, but then decided to wait for them to help too.

The next morning, I had a date with my Keurig. I was dragging! I feel like I've finally started catching up on rest.

I've been eating better to help with my energy levels too. I have about a month until my behind is planted in the sand so I've gotta buckle down!

Madison and I ventured out for groceries. We made an ALDI run because feeding a family of five is expensive! I've got two boys who can really eat and I am committed to feeding my family quality foods.

While we were shopping, it started to rain....again. By the time we got to the car and threw all of the groceries in, we were soaked! For all of our hard efforts, we treated ourselves to Starbucks. I am so happy they have coconut milk now!

How many of you are using the videos I posted this week? How's it going so far? 

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