Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekend Roundup

I'm through the roughest part of the steroid treatment this week. I'm in the "up" part of the treatment finally and it feels much better. I've got a little more energy coming out of the weekend and I am hoping to keep rolling with it. On Friday night, I soaked in a hot Epsom salt bath for about 30 minutes and it helped with my swelling considerably. I also lost about four pounds of fluid retention over the weekend. Much, much better, y'all! I have one more injection, tapering down steroids, and another doctor visit this week. Seriously hoping for better results this time! I will continue the hot baths and drinking plenty of water. It makes such a difference.

As a result of the increased energy, I jumped into the kitchen. Our neighbors have given us lots of tomatoes and I had been craving my mama's tomato pie. There's nothing better than a warm tomato pie with fresh ingredients. It's not low fat, it's not awesomely healthy, but it is fabulous. I enjoyed every little bite! Apparently my entire family did too.

You could definitely lighten this recipe up with low fat cheese. You can find the recipe for tomato pie {HERE}. My stepdaughter and husband aren't fans of cooked tomatoes, but both chowed down on this.

Later on we enjoyed a fire and smores. It was just a relaxing way to kick off our weekend. We have thoroughly enjoyed living out in the country. There's just something about being outdoors and seeing so many stars at night.

Saturday morning we tried out breakfast at Steak N Shake. You can easily eat Whole 30 here. They have side orders of eggs, hashbrowns and salsa.

Breakfast with this cutie is always entertaining. He comes out with the craziest things sometimes. There is never a dull moment.

I feel like most of my day centers around questioning whether or not this child is actually listening to anything I say. He's wide open at all times and it is complete chaos.

Ryan and I decided to tackle a much needed project at the house. It was pretty much him and my stepdaughter doing it, but I cannot wait to show you what we did! You know how sometimes you have a serious eyesore around the house and it just grates on every nerve you have? Yeah, we totally got rid of it this weekend.

Meanwhile I was able to conquer all of the laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, mowing, and several organizing projects. It was the most productive I've felt in a while and that just felt amazing. Clutter and mess just really drain and stress me out, so snuggling into fresh clean sheets at the end of a long day was so peaceful!

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