Thursday, August 27, 2015

Full Blown Chaos

We're random today. My thoughts are all over the place....

  • My little kindergarten kid seems to be adjusting better now. He found some of his buddies and is getting used to the new schedule. And I have officially cried less today! 
  • Zulily released Christmas decor and gift ideas this week. The thought of Christmas at the new house is making me so happy. 
  • I am researching stuff this week involving food and weight loss. I am kinda thinking I want some volunteers to jump in with me and try it out. Any volunteers? Seriously.... Email me at for real. It's FREE! 
  • I'm also realizing that I have had a pretty unhealthy approach to food. I went from one extreme to another. From binging on food to deprivation. That's no way to live. 
  • I'm starting to piece together my weight loss issues may very well be health related issues. I've put so much pressure on my weight loss that I didn't stop to think some of it may be out of my control. 
  • My husband is clearing out my future studio. Yes, he has given me a place to turn loose, turn up the music, and dance! 
  • I am being referred to another specialist soon. I'd like to have a third set of eyes on my health just to make sure we are on the right track and are doing all we can to heal things. 
  • I struggle when people in real life ask how I am feeling. For some reason I have a difficult time letting people in to see my struggles and battles. I adore them for taking the time to ask how things are, but it's so hard to actually talk about it. There are so many people who have it ten times worse than I do and I don't like complaining. But in reality there are times I fight being sick the majority of my days. Some days it takes everything I have to climb out of bed. What kind of life is this? I don't know how to ask for help or accept help, even from my own mother. I just want to stay tough even though I am really not so tough anymore. 
  • I don't know what I'd do without my husband. He sees the mornings that I can't find my motivation, he sees the nights that I collapse, he sees the frustration that I have bottled up from not being able to do everything I want. He sees it all. I can't hide from him. 
  • My little boy is getting a Nintendo 3DS XL because I am a full blown sucker. He cried that the other boys at school have them and think he's a baby because he just has a Leap Pad. Yep, I am a sucker. But I am not alone.... my parents joined in. Because obviously he's great at convincing us he's pitiful. I keep telling myself that I am rewarding him for his stellar behavior lately. I am convinced he will make a great attorney or salesman one day.... I thought I had my daddy wrapped around my little finger....This child has taken my skills and mastered them. I am in trouble.


  1. I would love you to share what you find out about food and weight loss.

  2. Love your blog. Hang tough. I am having health issues too and some days I just want to curl up in a ball and cry that my body is not all better yet. Sending you healing vibes and hugs :)

  3. Have you checked out Dr. John McDougall's blog? Take some time to read through it. It made a huge difference in my health (and several other people I know). All the best to you!



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