Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I completed Day 1 of Whole 30 yesterday. I feel like I deserve an award or something like that. Maybe a ribbon. While I have felt so run down, I have not had the energy to even really care about what I was eating. Sure, I knew it was bad for me but I absolutely did not care. 

Now that I am beginning to feel better, I am assessing where I am physically. I don't like what I see. Trying to find the motivation to buckle back down is a little tough mentally right now. I feel like I have so much to catch up on. 

Having a chronic illness stole so much from me. Now I'm just angry. Not only did being sick bring on the pounds, but it took a lot from me. It took my ambition and happiness. I missed things. I've got a lot to make up for. 

I had an amazing Zumba® fitness class last night! Being gone for several weeks was torture. I came back to smiling faces and a few new ones. We rocked a couple of new songs and it just felt so good to physically be able to workout. When I walked away from my last class a few weeks ago, I called my husband in tears. I told him I just could not teach another class until I had a treatment. My body was done. 

Coming back was just awesome! I am sore today, but it's a good kind of sore for once. My body worked and it feels the pain of being challenged. I have never been so happy to have sore muscles. 

What are you happy about today? What are you working on this week?


  1. That's awesome, you do deserve an award. Those whole 30 programs are not easy. It's awesome your working on this program. I haven't done it, but I haven't met anyone yet who followed it who didn't see amazing results and great life changes because of it.
    FYI I love that feel good sore feeling too, it really does make ya happy huh!!

    1. I love checking out Whole 30 before and afters. I know it works, but the farthest I've gotten is day 15. Then life gets in the way.... So here we go again!

  2. Hi Wendy, I sure hope you see great results by eating "real food". About 4 months ago I started feeling really run down and sick. Everything just ached. I was eating horribly. Seriously, my breakfast at times was a bag of Doritos with bean dip and a Diet Coke. I was drinking a six pack of Diet Coke a day. Something in me just clicked. I gave up my Diet Coke for water and began to eat only "real" unprocessed foods. I'm not doing While 30 because I still have a little Greek yogurt sometimes and some cheese but I would say I eat 90% whole food. I have not had sugar in quite some time and I don't miss it. All of this is very strange because I have been eating junk food for every single meal my entire adult life. Anyway, I am 4 months in, I now have the energy to work out, I do Jillian's 30 Day Shred 5 days a week and walk the dog two miles a day. Four months ago, I could not have walked the dog a block without getting winded. Oh yeah, I also quit smoking 4 months ago, also. Anyhoo, I've lost 22 lbs and feel amazing. I hope that you continue to feel good and stay motivated. Just remember, if you eat something that is not on Whole 30, it's not the end of the world. Be gentle with yourself. I'm enjoying following your journey!

  3. Sometimes I feel like I start all over again every day...the good thing is we know where we are failing and keep on trying no matter what. You have already accomplished so much...life will always get in the way because that is what life is all about and we are merely human. So glad to have you back and ready to keep on ROCKING!!!!!...YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!

  4. Glad to hear your last Zumba class went so well! Its hard starting over feeling like your at square one. This week I have been trying to work on more water and eating enough food. Found that my new full time job really screws with my eating either I eat junk and to much or don't eat enough and feel the effects for days after.

  5. I started my second Whole 30 the same day that you did - we can do it! My daughter is also joining me and I'm praying she will stick with it as she has extreme eczema and T1D so I'm hoping the sugar detox will help her to feel better and improve her skin condition.



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