Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Structure and Balance

Kindergarten has been tough, y'all! Caleb and I love structure and order, but that got flipped around when he started something new. Have I mentioned I really struggle with change??? Apparently my child does too....

The first day I dropped him off in the car line. It literally felt like I was throwing my kid out on the side of the road to fend for himself. I cried when I got out of sight....

Then we tried a different approach. I walked him in early the next time and it was a little easier for both of us! Day five and I think we may finally be getting a handle on things. I think we're going to make it. Ha!

Meanwhile, I have flung myself back into Zumba® classes. It feels amazing! My body is tired, but it's a good kind of accomplished tired. Last week my doctors determined I am suffering from adrenal crisis due to all of the steroids I've been on for months. I am currently being treated for it. I am finally beginning to see some changes and I am quietly hopeful.

With fall coming and the weather getting just a bit cooler, I changed things up. I chopped off about six inches of hair and went to the dark side. It's drastic, but I think it's just what I have needed lately. Mentally I think I'm going through some major changes. My health has sidelined me and made me reevaluate my lifestyle. Last year my biggest goal was to see how small I could get. I didn't realize that it consumed me and I gave up so much just to be smaller.

That's not what life is all about. Now that I haven't had it, being healthy means so much more. I admit that I am still struggling with accepting the weight gain. I do think I will drop weight once I get my health issues straightened out, but I am growing impatient. My mind is ready to do so much, but my body isn't letting me yet.

I guess I'm trying to discover my new normal and find the motivation I need to redirect things.

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  1. Glad to hear school is getting better. My youngest started kindergarten in August as well and had a rough time the first couple weeks. Once at school he was ok the whole getting there was torture for me and him he cried and his brother had to drag him inside :( It does get easier and they learn to adjust but I am like you I need my schedule plan and structure and if it goes awry I am a mess.



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