Sunday, August 30, 2015

Updates and Football

I started my new eating plan on Saturday. Overnight I dropped two pounds. Wow!!! I haven't had a loss in a while, so this is great news. I am just really proud of that. I feel like I am finding my motivation to rededicate my life. I am finding the energy and determination to tackle things at home, with Caleb and Ryan, and finding what it means to be healthy again. 

Ryan and I had a big heart-to-heart this weekend about my views on weight loss and the lifestyle I want. He admitted that he loves me bigger as I am now and I tried to explain that I am not content with the weight gain from the past year. I know I have been sick, but I am ready to put that behind me. Even though I feel rough some days, I can always make better food choices. I am tired of turning to comfort foods when I feel rough. 

I also admitted that my views of food and exercise last year were a little obsessive. I wasn't anorexic by any means, but I can see now that I was well on my way to that lifestyle. I don't have to be tiny to be happy. I can fully appreciate my size last year as being about as far as I care to take things. I don't have an overwhelming need to be any smaller any more. I think my mind is in a much healthier place now. Maybe I was supposed to go through all of this sickness to discover that. 

I've realized that I want my comfort foods, but in a healthy way. I am tired of restricting everything in life and obsessing. 

*** If you emailed me about my eating plan, I sent out the first week's plan this weekend. Please check your email. Remember, I am not an expert and you always need to check with your own doctor before starting ANY plan/supplements/fitness plan. I care about you guys and I want you safe and healthy! 

Saturday morning, I ran out of ACV (apple cider vinegar) and I wanted to experiment to see if I noticed a difference in my energy levels. I sat through Caleb's football games and I began feeling run down, dizzy and just generally blah. These symptoms have stayed with me for months and are part of my adrenal fatigue diagnosis. We picked up some ACV on our way home, I sipped my drink and mowed the grass. About 20 minutes into mowing, I perked back up. When I have mowed this summer, it typically takes me an hour and forty-five minutes. By the time I finish, I am drained and sore from the lawn mower. Saturday afternoon, I felt better. I was able to clean, finish laundry, and get Caleb cleaned up. I also slept better than I have in a while. I think there's really something to this.... You can find my favorite recipes with ACV {HERE}! 

This weekend was the kick off for football games! Caleb is wearing my dad's high school football number this year. 

And we played football where I graduated from college. I can't believe how much Caleb has grown in just a year. He went from the baby of the team last year to one of the biggest this year. His team is very disciplined this year and I am proud to see Caleb stepping up and doing his part.

We celebrated with lunch after the game. Caleb was worn out, but happy!

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