Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Roundup

This kid started Kindergarten last week. Can y'all believe it? I started this little blog when he was just a couple of months old. The only time I've seen my child nervous was walking into the elementary school for the first time. Fortunately that passed and he really enjoyed his first day. My biggest prayer for him right now is that he loves school. He has a fabulous teacher so I think the odds of him loving it are pretty good!

Caleb's sister went with us to his first day of school. I am so thankful she got to share that moment with him. Our home has been filled with wild and crazy these past six weeks. On Friday, we spent the evening with Ryan's parents. We all played football until it was almost too dark to see. Then we were entertained by their body bending skills.... Never a dull moment around our house.

 They also got to see Caleb's football practices.

Last year we played Caleb a little early. He was 4 playing on a 5/6 year old team. He was the smallest kid out there, but he had a lot of heart. This year he is one of the biggest. And his motor skills have improved drastically! It's amazing what a difference this past year has made. He's playing on the offensive line so far and I think he is beginning to grasp the concept of the game.

On Saturday, my stepkids went to their other home. Ryan was on the road all day, so Caleb and I spent the day together. He got in an early morning practice and then we had a date day.

We ended up at the trampoline park so we could get some energy out. 

He's really struggling with going back to a family of three the past couple of days. I'm trying to keep him distracted. I think between school, football, and family time we can help him transition back to being the only kid in the house.

My husband and I are ready to continue progress on the new house now that things are slowing down. We spend our summers wide open and now it's time to get back on schedule. I made a list of things to do in each room. We plan to tackle a room at a time to get things done. 

Today marks a week post-IVIG treatment. I am beginning to see a pretty big change. I got a Fit Bit a few days before my treatment. My heart beat was pretty high, but I've seen a big drop since the treatment. So something is working....

On Sunday we went to family night at our church. Lots of kids, sugar, and inflatables. Caleb and I tried to run the three legged race together. Epic fail! We definitely didn't win any graceful coordination awards either. 

We absolutely love our church. The people are some of the nicest you will ever meet. It's not the fake nice either. They have just honest to goodness amazing hearts and they love Jesus! It was great seeing my Zumba® Divas in the crowd too. 

It feels like life is finally returning to normal and I'm excited for the things to come. 

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  1. Such cute kids, I hope they have a great school year!!! gotta love when you go to church with such amazing people who are true and really do just love you being there with them!



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