Sunday, September 27, 2015


Thank you to everyone that reached out to me on my last post {HERE}. I've tried to be open, honest, and real here. As always I am amazed by the love and support from so many people around me. You've celebrated with me during the weight loss, watched my little one grow up, and prayed for our family through the tough stuff. So, thank you. I appreciate every prayer, encouraging word, and cheer as we move forward. 

Our weekend was filled with a big project and football. Make sure to check back tomorrow for pictures of our project. I have a great new recipe to share this week as well. Don't forget to sign up for our accountability group beginning October 1st. There's still time to jump in! {HERE}

This kid had his first field trip last Friday. I was able to go with him and we had the best time! Seeing Caleb in his school environment brings so many emotions. He has settled in and his little personality is shining through. 

Caleb's behavior has shocked us all. He went from being a wild, rambunctious kid in preschool to near perfect behavior. We sure didn't see that coming! But he has an amazing teacher who really does fantastic with his personality. I also didn't realize he would be learning so much so quickly. I knew he had a great memory and was intelligent before school started, but the stuff he remembers now is just so surprising to me. He's actually reading some now. 

I dreaded the beginning of school for Caleb. He stayed in trouble so often in preschool. I worried how he would do sitting for so long during the day. I worried that he would hate school. Honestly I worried for nothing. Praise God!!!!

He's becoming this totally different kid right now and it's interesting to watch. He has older friends and is more aware of the little girls around him. He tries so hard to act older than he is and wants to fit in. Everything is football, video games, and building stuff. Until I saw him around a bunch of other kids his age, I truly didn't grasp how tall he's getting. Caleb has had some serious growth spurts going on.

I absolutely love this age! He's my little buddy and we get to actually have fun more. No more baby phase ( I am NOT a baby person.), no more fit pitching in public, and you can actually reason with him now. I am blessed to be his mama. I don't know how I deserve someone so precious, but I am glad he's mine. 

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  1. I sure hope your new doctor is able to figure out whats going on, so frustrating for you...Caleb is such a sweet boy, congrats to you and Ryan for raising him so well!!



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