Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Groundhogs and Sleepovers

I'm trying to catch up from the weekend! On Friday we hosted our first football player/buddy sleepover. Caleb has been begging to have his friends come over. It started out pretty wild. I picked the three boys up after school and took them to the house. They immediately ran to the backyard and started playing.

I opened our kitchen window looking out to the back yard and listened to the boys as I started dinner. All of a sudden, I heard all three of them screaming like someone was murdered. They ran into the house and were trying to catch their breath. One looked up and said, "There is an animal in the tree!"

I was thinking opossum....maybe a raccoon.... Nope. A big, chubby groundhog in the tree. Did you even know they climbed trees???? I had no idea...

This one was stuck in the tree and my husband pried him out of it. He scampered off to the woods and everything calmed down.

Caleb really enjoyed having his buddies over. There was plenty of Star Wars, Nerf guns, and Legos.

We ended up with all three boys going to bed by 9:30! I was amazed, but we did have early football games the next morning. Ryan and I sat on the patio and enjoyed a glass of red wine. He bought me this cup the week I had my IVIG treatment (you can read more about that HERE) and it reminds me that he loves me no matter what I'm going through. And it also happens to be the lyrics to one of my favorite Zumba® cool down songs.... 

Saturday morning we played an early football game and won! Caleb's team has really progressed this season and I am so excited for those boys!

That afternoon Ryan installed a ceiling fan in our room and it looks awesome. This is our first remote controlled light and fan, so Ryan was happy. We watched football, napped, sat on the patio and went to dinner. I think that's the first day we've actually relaxed in a while.

On Sunday I got to work with my husband. We work at the same company, but I'm usually in an office most of the day. We were a little short handed, so I pulled boats for him.

And this kid is finally settling into our new home/school/football schedule! I have spent weeks worrying/trying to fix things to make it easier on him. I honestly think he just handles it things fine on his own. But the mama side wants to make life just easier for him. I know he has to figure out things as he grows, but dang it's hard on both of us!

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