Monday, September 14, 2015

Progress Everywhere

Our weekend was packed with football and projects.... just how we like it! On Friday we worked on our dining room project. You can see the final reveal {HERE}!

Caleb and I were the official tool handers of the project and Ryan did the tougher stuff.

But we went to bed Friday night with a much brighter, happier looking dining room!

Saturday was our big football game. Caleb's team played against the toughest team in the league and won! I am so emotionally invested in these games and I'm sure I will have stomach ulcers by the end of the season. It's hard to describe the joy, hope, and pride all wrapped up in watching your little boy succeed on the field. Knowing he enjoys it and is becoming better with each practice and game is an unbelievable feeling. My husband asked me how I would be able to handle it when he was playing high school football. I'm not sure my emotions will survive....

You can just tell we are blessed with coaches who really care about these boys. I am impressed with the discipline of the team and the emphasis on safety. I have a wild, energetic little boy but when it's time to line up, he's right where he's supposed to be. It still shocks me every single time!

We are proud football parents and are loving this season!

Caleb passed out pretty early Saturday night. He played hard and crashed even harder. I can tell he's still not completely over the ear infection so he really needed the extra rest this weekend. Between school and football, he is really learning so much right now. He's starting to read (wow!!!) and his writing is improving. In just a few short weeks I have seen such a dramatic difference in this little boy. He's growing up faster than ever and I just cherish the little moments along the way. I'm so afraid he's growing up too quick. I just want him to stay little just a while longer, but then I get so excited at all of the new things he can do. It's a tough balance....

And finally, I can share some weight loss progress! When I had my EBV treatment on August 10th {HERE} I was 13 pounds heavier. In one month, I have lost 13 pounds! I feel like it has been such a battle, but it's something I can control. I can't control my health, but I can control my eating and response to everything going on. It feels pretty fabulous too! 

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