Monday, October 26, 2015

Gouda and Onion Topped Burgers

This weekend I played around in the kitchen. I had some pre-made hamburger patties, but I was craving something with a little more flavor. I don't really even have a great name for these, but they taste amazing! 

I simply cooked the patties in a pan over medium heat. Once cooked, I removed them from the pan and drained the grease. I left the little browned bits of meat in the pan and added frozen diced onions and bell peppers. I cooked them down and sprinkled a little almond flour to thicken the mixture. I added creole seasoning, oregano, and basil. Just sprinkle it in and let the mixture cook down.

I topped my hamburger patties with smoked Gouda cheese and the veggie mixture. The flavors were amazing and this meal was quick and easy. 

I've been eating amazing meals with little effort for the month. I have officially lost 12.2 pounds eating great! If you're looking for some extra support in your weight loss efforts, you can join my coaching group. For more info, click {HERE}! 

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