Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

Our Halloween was a little different this year. We had plans to go with Caleb's buddies, but the accident changed things. We decided to surprise Caleb by taking him to Boo at the Zoo.

He got to trick or treat through the zoo and we saw all of the animals. It was actually lots of fun for all of us.

The nocturnal animals were all playful and it was neat to see them all not sleeping.

We really wore him out!

It's kinda funny how date nights have been given up for family nights. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world though.

Saturday morning Caleb's football team won again and is one game away from the Super Bowl! They remain undefeated this year and I am so proud of this little team.

Saturday night we decided to take Caleb trick or treating through a neighborhood. We normally go to our church's truck or treat, but it moved down the highway this year. We visited a nearby neighborhood with side walks and it was just so much easier. Caleb really enjoyed it too!

I got plenty of steps in too. It started raining and we made it back to the car right in time.

I made French toast with Ezekiel bread, egg whites, and sugar free syrup. I was craving it and this was a much better choice than tons of regular French toast and syrup.

I've had my heart monitor for a week now. The electrode pads have messed up my skin pretty bad. The first sets literally ate my skin. Apparently I am allergic to some of the gel. The spots have almost healed now. The second set of pads broke me out. And the third set is itchy!!! I'm hanging in here though!

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  1. Glad Caleb had a good time trick or treating. My family and I went to Pigeon Forge for the weekend. Unfortunately, my niece was not up for trick or treating, but we did have a lot of fun... despite me being in terrible pain.

    I love keeping up with how football is going for Caleb through your facebook and blog. Sorry I have not commented much but let him know that I am proud of him! :)

    I hope everything turns out ok on your results from the heart monitor.



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