Wednesday, November 4, 2015

No Scale November


Am I seriously stepping away from the scale? For more than a day? 

Yes, I am. Want to join me???

Okay, I know you're hesitant. Don't worry.... I was too.

But then I started thinking. 

What if I devoted one month to listening to my body, making choices that physically and mentally make me feel better, and let my body heal naturally instead of being sabotaged by the number on the scale? 

I get so caught up in that number. I mean, my guts twist up and I get so discouraged if I see the number grow when I was so dedicated the day before. My mind tells me that I know my weight fluctuates and that it's unhealthy mentally to weigh every day. But does that stop me? No. 

What if I committed myself to just feeling better? Won't the weight take care of itself? 

I think it will. So I am focusing on leaving the scale alone for the month. I'm not measuring my body. Nothing. I am going to do what I know works and see where it all falls. 


  1. I don't think I have ever ever went more than a day or two without weighing. And when I do weigh I let the number affect my mood way more than it should...
    So I think I will take you up on your challenge and not touch the scale for a month, a little scary with thanksgiving coming in a few weeks.

  2. I have faith that you can do this! I do not know the first thing about weight loss, but I do think that stepping away from the scale will help you mentally and that is just as important as a persons physical well being. Best wishes this month my friend!!



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