Monday, November 30, 2015

Wrapping Up No Weigh November

A month without obsessing over that scale.... 

I've got to admit I have been pretty busy and fairly distracted this month. And I did have to be weighed a couple of times. I didn't ask for my weight.

It was actually freeing. So far I can tell in my cheeks and in my belly pooch the most. I haven't taken my measurements either, but I know I'm wearing some of my jeans again and I'm okay with that obviously. 

I have taken time to do a lot of soul searching. You can read about my struggles {HERE}. So many of you have cheered me on here and privately through messages, texts, and in person. Thank you so much. Each and every word built me up and made me strong. Some of your words made me cry tears of joy. Some caused tears of pain because you feel the same way I did. But mostly you brought me peace. Who would have ever thought this little blog would bring such awesome people into my life???

Most of you are chained to the scale like I was. I admit that I stepped on that thing multiple times a day. I bet that some of you do too. Mentally it's messing with our heads though. It's defeating us. 

Let's say I step on the scale first thing in the morning and I've lost a little. I'm pumped up and I'm determined to kick butt all day long! I'm feeling great! What if I am conquering the world when I get home from work and step on the scale to find that I gained four whole pounds? Sure, I know that my body weight can fluctuate during the day but it throws me off my game. It doesn't matter what my brain says, my heart feels the pain. It kinda gets me down and I might binge a little at dinner. Or I might not work as hard during class. But.... what if I handle it differently? What if I still make the perfect choices at dinner and workout like a beast? I wake up the next morning and expect to see another loss but I see a slight gain? DEFEATED. And then I give in to my emotions. I don't stop to take into consideration that maybe my hormones are varying or possibly my body is retaining water with something I ate two days before. I expected immediate results and didn't look at the bigger picture and I was defeated. My mind got in the way of my body. Then two things can happen. It can spiral out of control or I can become obsessed by the scale. Either way I am headed down a sad, lonely road. 

If you cannot give up the scale for a month, try every two weeks or even start out for a week. Stop putting a numerical value on you! You are more than a number. You aren't doing this for a number. You are doing this to feel better and to be healthier. The rest will fall into place. Trust me. I have been obese and I have been skinny. Now I just ache to be healthy and happy. I want that for each and every one of you. 

Quit focusing on the scale. Focus on drinking water. Stop obsessing over every fad diet. Obsess over fruits, veggies, lean meats, dairy, good fats, and whole grains. Instead of watching life pass you by, jump up and do something about it. You won't regret anything you put into it.

Oh.... and I did finally weigh today. I lost 12 pounds in one month by NOT obsessing over that dang scale. Leave it alone and go have some fun! 

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