Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with love, family and Jesus! I spent three days with my family and it was fabulous. Ryan, Caleb and I went to our church's candlelight Christmas Eve service with my husband's parents. I can remember praying every year that my little one would just sit through this service without screaming and crying. It seemed like we toted him out of there so many years. This year he sat quietly as they told the beautiful story of our Savior's birth and we lit candles. And I giggled as other parents carried their screaming kids out! I really don't miss those days at all. 

The magic of the season swept Caleb up this year. He really had fun with Santa, the elves and all of the reindeer. It was so much fun living it with him this year. We went to my parents' for Christmas Eve dinner and a PJ party. 

If you know me in real life, you know I have an obsession with PJ's. We're talking three dresser drawers stuffed full, my husband has slightly threatened me not to bring any more home, but I still do kind of obsession. The PJ party was pure happiness for me and Caleb, who also shares my obsession! 

My dad cooked a huge steak for all of us and Mom fixed baked potatoes and everything else. It was awesome! 

My nephew was precious! He is such a joy to be around and is so funny right now. But he doesn't sit still for long. I had to catch him quick. 

Same thing with the chihuahua! She quickly jumped on Caleb for a moment and then she was gone. She really does not care for Caleb at all. It must have been a small Christmas miracle. (He did later on drop her and the magic was gone....)

We visited our neighbors when we got home and Caleb was spoiled even more. Ryan and I have said time after time that we have truly been blessed this year. Not only did we get a great new home, but we got the best neighbors a family could ask for. They love Caleb so much and he loves them right back. 

Once we finally got Caleb in bed, Ryan and I started pulling all of the gifts out of the attic. We wanted to surprise Caleb with a kayak for months. He fought all summer for Ryan's and now the battle is over. They can play and fish together next summer while I relax on the boat. Problem solved! 

My husband spoiled me like crazy. The longer we are together, the better he gets at gift giving. He deviates from the list and he does well! 

I love spending time with him over the holidays. He has been such a huge support to me this year in so many ways. I really don't know what I would do without him. 

Christmas morning is always spent with my daddy! We have a big Christmas breakfast every year and it's always a huge production. Over the years we have all gotten more and more involved. I can remember watching my granddaddy cook it. Then I can remember it just being my parents. Now I have memories of my husband and brother helping out too! 

Some little boy was all out wild! 

We had such a great time with our families. I cannot believe it's over. We spent our first Christmas in our new home together and it was just a really sweet time for us. Ryan and I have had such a full year. We are praying for a happier, healthier new year. I've got a lot to catch you up on around here and I am planning some super exciting things for January!!!! 

My family wishes you a very blessed holiday season and a joyful new year! 

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