Thursday, December 17, 2015

Only The World - Zumba® Fitness - Dance Fitness Video

I love when something comes together just right. I had bits and pieces of choreography stuck in my head after hearing Only The World by Mandisa. It's a beautiful song and I could see certain moves in my head and it was driving me nuts. Luckily I am blessed with talented friends!

We got together before class one evening and stood in a circle just kicking around ideas. Before we knew it, this song was thrown together. I get so pumped up about new songs that I have to do them over and over. So we literally tried it in class right then. It just worked! We tried to record it with everyone during class one night and it was kinda ugly, so we waited about a week later and finally got this.... 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! It is perfect for all fitness levels. You can watch sweet Allie in the back row on the left kick it up a notch for a higher impact version or you can see Loretta on the back, right show you the low impact version. You can tailor this workout to you! Throw in some sass, make it your own, and have fun. 
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