Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Victories All Over The Place!

I've got updates all over the place. I promised you a weight loss update this week, so I'm going to do just that. I weighed yesterday and I can finally tell you that I've lost 16 pounds since this summer. Finally!!! I feel so much better.

Last night I had my sleep study and I passed everything with flying colors. No leg issues through the night, no heart issues, and no sleep apnea.

Last night I left Zumba® and went straight to my sleep study. The guy setting me up asked how much I weighed. I told him I was 157 pounds and he said, "Great! The girl right before you was the same, so I will grab the same bands. We won't have to adjust anything."
He fastened the first band around my waist and it was about three inches too loose. He said, "Dang, girl! What do you do? You've got some serious muscle! Are you sure you weigh 157? You are tiny." I promised I weighed that morning because I am only weighing once a week now. Then he fit the other band under my arm pits and had to tighten it up about three inches. He was amazed. He commented that I must be doing something right. I launched into my whole Zumba® fitness speech.
When I got home this morning, I finally felt brave enough to try on my favorite pair of jeans. I had tucked them away after we moved in April. I hadn't worn them in a long time. The last time I tried them on, I couldn't squeeze them over my hips and I was just so sad. This time not only did they slide right on, they zipped and buttoned with plenty of room to spare! My favorite size 4 jeans are back on! 

My endurance is slowly building. I can withstand my Zumba® classes a little longer and I am pushing a little bit harder each time. My girls are challenging me more and more and they're all pushing a little more with me. We are tackling songs as a group that we would never have tried 6 months ago!

I'm watching my water intake carefully. I notice that I have to drink more water to feel better. My energy levels are much better when I do. It takes a while to make it a habit, but really pays off when I do!

What questions do you have for me at this point? What have I left out? 


  1. I'm so happy that you feel good and are finally getting help and answers!
    And the jeans are a great victory but I speak from experience that there's no greater feeling than to feel healthier :)

  2. Are you still following the THM program?

  3. That is awesome, Wendy!!! Thanks for being real with us, cause the truth is we all struggle and have low points in our lives. You are an inspiration!



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