Friday, January 8, 2016

In My Kitchen

There are some products I use regularly or have ordered recently that help me stay on track with my healthy lifestyle. Today I wanted to share those with you. You may already have some of these around your home and can start using them on your own weight loss journey. If you don't have them, it may be time to spend some of that Christmas money or start saving up. These are so worth it! 

Last year I was given a Power Cooker 6 quart Pressure Cooker for Christmas and I have used it like crazy. You can find them {HERE}. With my full schedule I do not have time to spend hours in the kitchen and this little kitchen tool does so much. It also acts as a crockpot. I admit that sometimes I completely forget to throw dinner in the crockpot and I come home unprepared. I can still cook dinner in just a few minutes and it tastes like it slow roasted all day. You can saute, steam, slow cook, and can all in this one tool. It is worth every penny. 

I look for ways to sneak more vegetables into our meals. My son loves pasta and I love the spiralizer! You can find it {HERE}. You can easily spiral veggies and sweet potatoes for healthier meals in minutes. If you are stuck on ideas, Pinterest has tons of options. Just dig around there! I'm also working on some recipes in our new Clean Eating series so check back in the next few weeks. Go ahead and grab one of these tools or dig yours out.

I recently bought a food dehydrator. You can find this model {HERE}, I have wanted one for a couple of years and I don't know why I put it off for so long. This one was the top rated one on Amazon with the best written reviews. Before I buy something I read everything about it and research it to death! I finally decided on this one. I have not tried it yet, but Caleb's deer returns from the processor this week. I am a huge fan of dehydrated apple slices and deer jerky. If I can figure out how to make those two things I'm going to be pretty happy. 

My husband gave me a Magic Bullet Express Mixing Set for Christmas. You can find them {HERE}. I absolutely hate dragging out my blender or food processor most of the time for just me. In the past I have wanted to make more smoothies, but the effort that goes into them is just not worth it. Plus I hate clean up with the blender. Now this is so much easier. Have I mentioned I'm his biggest fan lately?? He really took care of me at Christmas! 

Even though I am eating healthier now, it doesn't mean I don't like to treat myself to my favorite foods. My husband's parents gave me a bread machine for Christmas. You can find it {HERE}. It is so simple to use!

Why is it going on my list of awesomeness? Because I can control the ingredients going into my bread. I control the quality of them and I know where it came from. Plus... Remember my clean eating post beginning??? Grace! It's all about moderation, grace, and baby steps. If you didn't catch that part, go back and read it {HERE}. It's kinda important!

My little boy also loves bread. I do not deprive him and I can make bread at home cheaper than buying it. A home smells amazing when there's a loaf of bread baking too. I just love it!

These are the newest tools I'm using in my kitchen this year that our family enjoys and helps us live healthier and happier lives. Don't forget to share this post so that we can helps others as well.

**** There are affiliate links contained in this post. I may be compensated if you order or click on any of the links. That is what pays me to keep this little blog running and I appreciate all that you do! 

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