Thursday, January 7, 2016

How To Really Clean Glass Cooktops

Have you seen all of the posts circulating Facebook and Pinterest lately claiming to have the greatest stove glass cooktop miracle around? I've read articles requiring razor blades, rubber gloves, and toothbrushes..... 

Stop right there! I am not doing any of that mess! 

Guys, we honestly don't have to do that. Please do not take a razor blade to your cooktop. Leave your toothbrush in your bathroom. Let me show you how we can easily go from "yuck" to "beautiful" with little effort.

Instead of an arsenal of tools from the garage, you just need three things:
  • Baking soda
  • Peroxide
  • An old rag
You don't even really need the peroxide, but it helps form a paste and speeds the process up quite a bit. I tried it both ways and it does help. 

Here is my shame.... I have never owned a pretty glass cooktop until we moved this past year. I had no idea this happened when you spilled stuff! Yuck! I just thought that stuff would wipe right up. Nope.... It was burnt right on and it drove me insane! 

You couldn't even read the words!!! Hello, OCD....Time to drive me crazy.

Here are my two little friends. They will be yours too.

Just sprinkle baking soda everywhere and pour just enough peroxide to make a paste. Then scrub your heart out.

It is magic.

And that is how my heart became shiny and new...

You didn't think I was just setting weight loss resolutions for 2016, did you?!? Heck no! I'm going all out this year. It's Sweet '16 and I am packing this year full of crazy good stuff. You just pull up a chair and let's get stuff done, friends!

And don't forget to pin it, Facebook it, tweet it and comment all over this post! You know the drill. 

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