Friday, January 15, 2016

New Z-People

This week has been pretty full. I'm working on some new posts for all of you and putting big projects together just takes some extra time. I admit that my brain has kicked into gear this year and I am filled with so much that I want to try. I want to focus on helping you. I want to help you reach goals, teach you how I do what I do, and show you a bunch of new things all while I'm tackling things along the way.

I'm still putting a few more things in order first. Monday morning found me slammed with a migraine. Once I'm in a migraine cycle I pretty much ride it out until it runs its course or I seek medical care. I still carry on with my life and I function, but unless you are close to me you never see my struggles. My neurologist is adjusting my medication next week and hopefully we can see a change. I am so ready!

I also try to manage things naturally. I want to discuss some of those things in a post, but I will share something that you'll automatically notice in pictures. I cut my hair! I have a bad habit of putting it up constantly. I think it puts pressure right where some of my migraines originate. It's a theory and I'm trying it. You might ask why I didn't just wear it down....

Last year I was misdiagnosed for months. I went through experimental treatments for something I didn't even have. Those medications took a toll on my body and also on my hair. We decided to start fresh and cut out all of the damaged parts. I don't mind having shorter hair at all and it feels so much better already. 

The Zumba® crew at Bayside is continuing to grow! I love seeing ladies come pouring into the room each night and I keep thinking it's so amazing they want to come workout with us. I can remember my first times teaching. It was such a train wreck. I was shy, I forgot my steps, and I stumbled around. I looked up and many of them gave me uncomfortable pity smiles to encourage me. Class numbers declined for a long time and I was so discouraged. Several class regulars stopped coming and I just knew it was because of my teaching style. It hurt my feelings deeply. 

I didn't give up and I hung in there. Over time we changed the way class was structured and made it what we wanted it to be. Instead of being serious, we laughed off the stumbles and shyness. Some of the original ladies didn't come back, but I have a bunch of new friends that have swooped in and become some of my closest, sweetest friends! Everyone is asking me what we're doing different now, but I keep telling them it's not me.... it's the group of women that walk through those doors every week. They have beautiful hearts and they are amazing people!

My greatest desire is that the new ladies get to know us and understand that we know what it's like to struggle through this too. Me most of all. I have stood where they've been. I have stumbled more than anyone, but I pick myself back up and do it all over again. I know what it feels like to be embarrassed, awkward, disappointed, hurt, and sad. But I also know what it's like to feel excitement, joy, strength, hope, and the most amazing adrenaline rush that washes over you when you walk out of a class surrounded by your best friends after you nailed that choreo! I really want to shout all of that at them but then they'd know I'm crazy and they might not come back. I really want them to come back. I think I like them already, y'all!


  1. Seriously, So Cute!! I love your hair short. It looks great!!

    1. I had serious migraines for years. I would have to stay in a dark quite room for 3 days. I started using a chiropractor and it took awhile but I have not had one now in at least twenty years.



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