Thursday, January 28, 2016


We've welcomed a fourth member of our family. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you already know we gave Caleb a blue tick hound. He has wanted a puppy for a few years and has worked hard to earn one. Ryan and I feel like a little boy needs a dog and Caleb sure has earned one! You can see how we surprised him {HERE}.

She is the sweetest thing and someone has been working with her already. She's almost housebroken and is almost 9 weeks old. Her mom was a full blue tick and her dad was a coon hound. Caleb wants to train her to hunt and we have plenty of people to help us train her.

My husband and I debated over a puppy for months. We knew that we wanted Caleb to have one, but we we waiting. I'd show him several and he dismissed them or the timing just didn't feel right. We had a million reasons to wait. On Sunday afternoon we were watching Peyton Manning play football and Caleb was napping. I scrolled through Facebook and noticed someone rehoming a pup. She was exactly like the Tennessee Vols mascot and I showed her to Ryan. He said, "I'm going to get her. I want her!" I told him if she came here her name would be Smokey. When he picked her up the ladies had already named her Smokey. 

Caleb was so thankful! This sweet girl has been glued to him since she came home. 

I think they're going to be great friends and I am so happy for our little boy. I am just so thankful we found the right puppy to bring home and that they are so a sweet match.

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