Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Our Zumba® fitness class this past Thursday was even bigger than Monday's class! I talked a little bit about it {HERE} and the struggles I had with it personally. This time I was better prepared for the larger group of new people and I didn't struggle as much. After class I admitted to some of the new ladies that I was as nervous as they were! It helps to be open with them. I think it made them feel a little better too. Our calorie burn was really high in class. I'm not sure if it was being so pumped up about a big class or just being excited about some of my favorite people being by my side, but I was really pushing it!

Caleb got his second report card on Friday. He did very well and I was so proud of him! Math and science really click for him and he can really wrap his mind around those concepts. The most exciting part is that he is beginning to read. I love to read and he is making leaps and bounds in those areas. Caleb is also very artistic for his age. He got that from his daddy. He's loving school and I couldn't be more proud of this little guy! We let him pick a restaurant for dinner as a reward for his great progress and he chose Buffalo Wild Wings. That child loves chicken. Not just any chicken... it has to be spicy and on the bone. So picky! 

On Saturday we took some of my Christmas money to begin a project I have wanted to start for so long. This is Project "S" and maybe about 5 people know what it is at this point. I'm sure you will guess as we go. We'll just call it Project "S" until the final reveal and have some fun with it, okay? Even if you do know what we're planning, just wait until you see what Ryan is letting me do with this area! He had even bigger ideas than I did. I love that man.

Caleb loves to work. He is the busiest child I have ever known and loves a project. He started begging from the time we bought the paint. I figured we were painting everything, so why not? He couldn't hurt anything and he couldn't trip my OCD so..... We turned him loose and he was actually a big help!

We bought a semi-gloss paint so that we can wipe down the walls. This will be important later on. Keep that in mind...

We had VIP tickets to the World of Wheels in Chattanooga this weekend. My guys are huge car guys. They were in Heaven....

My husband's brain is filled with an unbelievable amount of car facts. He can rattle off stats about each car and it literally floors me. I had to listen to three hours of this. He can identify make and model of cars based on headlight shapes at night. I kid you not. Now he's teaching our son and I'll have to put up with two of them.

Ryan and Caleb have their sights set on finding a project car for the future. Both agree they want a truck to build. Caleb found the truck he wanted....

And this was my husband's pick. It gave him cold chills and I thought I may have to pick him up off the floor. Apparently it is his dream car.

I could easily settle for one of these....

But I think it would have to have this somewhere!

And of course someone small just wanted to go super fast.

We had a really busy, but fun weekend. It was nice to get a big project rolling. I've been dreaming about this for a while and making that first move was exciting to me. Project "S" is all mine and my husband took my ideas and blew them out of the water! He took this tiny idea and made it huge. How do you know you married the right person?

When he supports your hopes and dreams and does everything he can to make them happen. When he has boys' nights with his little boy so you can teach a Zumba® fitness ministry at church, you know you've got the right man. When he tracks down different migraine treatments for you in hopes of relief, you know he loves you. When he shows up on the busiest night of Zumba® to watch all the kids in class so you can still teach the class for the ladies, you know he is one amazing man (even if our fabulous childcare girl showed up right in time to relieve him). When he wraps his arm around you at night and pulls you close even though you know he isn't the snuggling type. When he's by your side through thick and thin, you know he's the right one.


  1. What are you using to track you workouts?

    1. My FitBit HR and the app that comes with it. I have had it since last July and I love it!



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