Monday, February 15, 2016

Migraine Help from Tin Wellness Center

At the end of last year I was diagnosed with chronic migraines which is a true neurological disorder. They are unfortunately more than "just a headache". My symptoms range from nausea to extreme dizziness to low blood pressure. My neurologist has helped me so much, but there are some days my quality of life is fairly rough. To be completely real and honest most days I hurt. Some days I hurt less than others. But I am very strong (mostly just stubborn) and I manage things the best way I know how. On the outside, it looks like I have my act together. If you are close to me you realize that's not entirely true. I struggle many days and sometimes I get overwhelmed with pain.

When I was diagnosed with chronic migraines, an inner ear issue called BPPV, and premenopause (at the ripe old age of 31), I began researching. My neurologist is probably one of the best in the entire country and I trust him fully. But I also believe in healing my body naturally. I take 100 mg of Topomax daily and Fioricet as needed for my migraines. I also take a lot of vitamins. Vitamin B-12 (1,000 mcg) and magnesium (500 mg) have helped me a lot to reduce my migraines. I also eat well. But the medicines and vitamins have not cut them completely out.

I started keeping track of triggers. Stress is a major migraine trigger for me. I also cannot drink any alcohol, so no more wine with dinner. That's actually just fine because I can lose weight now! I'm happy with that. I really didn't need the extra calories or sugar anyways. Cigarette smoke can set off a migraine pretty bad. I can smell it on someone's clothes and it brings one on pretty fast. It depends on how strong it is, how close I am to that person and how long I am exposed. I have to be pretty careful with that. I also am guaranteed to get a migraine the night before every period. What's extra fun is that I am premenopausal so I have no idea when that's going to happen. Fun times, my friends.

Upon several recommendations, I decided to try massage for my migraines. I carry a lot of stress in my neck, shoulders, and back area. I can feel some of my migraines originate from the base of my skull so I figured it couldn't hurt to try. I visited the Tin Laser and Wellness Center in downtown Chattanooga. It's actually located in the historic district right down from my old college campus at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I was immediately drawn in by the charm! I took an architecture class while I was in college and walking through this neighborhood was one of my favorite moments in that class. I was in awe of the beauty of these older homes. To finally walk through one was just a dream for me! It had a homey, comfortable feel without being clinical. I felt instantly comfortable and at ease when I met Susan at the front door. Susan was like meeting an old friend and we hit it off immediately.  

I was led to the massage chair of my dreams, y'all! This chair enveloped me in comfortable zero-gravity and I was kneaded from neck to toe. While I laid back, Susan began asking me about my specific needs. We talked about my health history and my migraines. I shared my concerns and she actually listened to me. We talked about her vast knowledge of aromatherapy as she mapped out my massage treatment plan. I felt like she was the first massage therapist to really, truly care for me as an individual. I have probably had close to fifty massages in my adult life, but no one has taken the time to tailor anything to me. I feel like I walk into a spa and they are typically "one size fits all". I have paid several hundreds of dollars on spa packages and nothing comes close to the expertise and knowledge Susan displayed during our time together.

During my massage, Susan showed me different massage techniques and I highly recommend a hot stone massage. They are probably my favorite. I honestly did not realize I was as sore as I was!

Tin Wellness Center also carries a great line of skin care products to fit any skin type and need. I love The Naked Bee line and have tried a few products from the Neova line so far. They are amazing! I am pretty sure they can ship to you if you aren't a local Chattanooga girl! You can call them at (423) 266-7392.

This past year has been rough on my skin. I am now testing these out to see how I like them, but so far my skin is already telling a difference.

Susan was able to help me relieve some of the tension at the base of my skull. I noticed a huge difference in the muscle tension as soon as I stood up. I couldn't believe the difference! If you are local or near Chattanooga, please don't hesitate to make an appointment at Tin Wellness Center. They will care for your body!

Please don't suffer as long as I did! Make an appointment today and invest in your health. We are all busy, but it's important to make time to care for our bodies. One hour for yourself could give you so much in return.

Make sure you check their Facebook page {HERE} for monthly specials!!!!

*** These are my own results with medications, vitamins, and massage. I am not an expert nor a doctor. Please check with your own physician prior to changing any medications, beginning any supplements/vitamins or incorporating massage into your migraine treatment plan. I worked closely with my own neurologist during this process with medications, vitamins, and prior to massage. ***

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  1. I suffer from bppv also and it's the worst. What have you found that helps with that. I have found that rubbing lavender and peppermint essential oils behind and around my ears and down my jawline really helps. There is also so this oil they sell at Walmart its with the motion sickness pills that is great also. Also the sea bands for motion sickness works to. Good luck.



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