Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Friends, life has taken off for me! Our Zumba® fitness ministry has exploded. God is so good! We have 45 gorgeous ladies working out with us and we formed our largest prayer circle before class. Some days I wake up and wonder how I got so lucky to lead this amazing group of ladies. God placed me with caring, loving, supportive friends and I get to laugh, dance, and workout with them every week. I am so thankful! 

Did I mention they push me to reach my goals?!? 

This pup is getting bigger and more rambunctious. Don't let this still picture fool you. She is in all puppy mode and full of trouble! 

We are beginning our garden soon and I am so excited! We purchased organic seeds and starting mix. I am really looking forward to this spring. I know absolutely nothing about growing a garden, but my husband does. I am praying I do not kill everything, y'all!

I got to spend my weekend with my brother's kiddos and Caleb. We had a blast on the playground, eating pizza and frozen yogurt. I don't eat perfect all the time... Guess what?! It's all okay! Life is short. You've gotta eat the pizza every once in a while!

My husband hung my curtains in the living room and I am so in love (with him and the curtains). I have sighed every time I've walked in the room since.

This child looks for ways to get hurt. I swear he keeps me on my toes all day long. Wears me out, my friends.

We rocked out in class on Monday night! I can't begin to tell you how much I adore these two ladies. They keep me sane and keep me laughing. We talk food before 8 am and I can always talk Zumba® class with them all day long. Perfect friends, no doubt!

How's your week, friends? 


  1. What kind of an eating plan are you doing right now Wendy? You're looking amazing!
    Are you finding the topomax suppresses your appetite? I almost took it one point for headaches.

    1. I'm pretty much just eating clean. I just posted a new meal plan today, btw! I hope you will check it out.

      And yes, the topomax is messing with my appetite quite a bit. I have to really watch my nutrition in the mornings.

  2. Dang girl! You are looking Good! You inspire me to do better.



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