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Eat Clean on a Budget with Easter Dinner Ideas!

This is such a special week for my family, y'all! We celebrate Easter with our families and it is packed full of traditions, memories, and time with the ones we love. It also means food! But I know most of us want to know how to enjoy a wonderful family Easter dinner and still not compromise our budgets and healthy eating habits that we have established over these past weeks together. I have some options for you that will still leave your whole family happy and not add to the scale!

This week at ALDI, I splurged a little. We have saved so much money in our grocery budgets and I was craving some of my more expensive meals. Now that you have the hang of this you can space them out in your weekly meal plans, but I did want to go ahead and share them with you now. Even though I splurged, I got a bunch of food and still stayed under a hundred dollars for the entire week! I don't know about you, but anywhere else I can easily drop $150-$200 on groceries. ALDI saves my family so much money and I think the produce and meat not only taste better, but stay fresher longer than other brands I have tried.

This week my before tax total was $94.84 for all of this food!!!! We pigged out this week and my little boy is going through yet another growth spurt. He ate two ears of corn at dinner one night and really surprised us!

Monday: Corned Beef with Cabbage and Carrots ($13.62) 

This is such an easy meal, but it is amazing in the crockpot! The meat is a little bit of a splurge, but we do end up with leftovers the next day. I absolutely love cabbage prepared this way. You simply dump the carrots in the crockpot, cut up the cabbage and place on top. Then lay your meat on top of your cabbage and I poured the seasoning packet over the meat. Cook on low all day and you can come home to a delicious dinner!

Tuesday: Frittata ($7.37)

I love breakfast for dinner! I have a recipe {HERE} and you can literally throw in anything you choose. I had some mushrooms and tomatoes this week. I sauteed them with a little garlic and some olive oil.

I also added some chopped, cooked bacon. I tried the new "Never Any" line from ALDI and it was delicious! This frittata is great heated the next day for breakfast!

Wednesday: Turkey Sausage and Grilled Veggies ($11.36)
Early spring means lots of grill time for us. We love evenings on our patio watching Caleb ride his four wheeler and our puppy play in the yard. It's a great time for Ryan and me to just unwind from the day and catch up.

I wrap my corn in foil and make packets to hold my bell peppers and mushrooms. We simply grill everything until tender and the sausage links are cooked through. I do add a little olive oil and garlic seasoning to my veggies and they are wonderful!

Thursday: Pot Roast with Carrots and Side Salad or Sweet Potato ($7.06)

Simply dump the carrots in the crockpot, add your meat and a half cup of water and cook on low all day. I serve with a side salad, but you can also serve with a sweet potato and it is delicious!!!

Friday: Grilled Steak and Veggies ($11.42)

I bought a cut of Carne Asada steak and marinated it with some of my garlic and a little olive oil. I also added some onion seasoning from my pantry. I let it sit in a baggie in my fridge overnight. I grilled it with asparagus, corn and mushrooms. This was by far my husband's favorite meal. I sliced the steak into thin strips after cooking and it had so much flavor! 

Saturday: Grilled Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and a Salad ($3.92)

I coated my chicken in paprika, salt and pepper and grilled it. We kept it simple with a sweet potato and a salad. I baked all my sweet potatoes at the beginning of the week and kept them in the fridge to just grab and go this week with dinners and lunches. It make a big difference! 

Easter Sunday: Ham with Pineapple, Sweet Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, and Steamed Cauliflower ($17.37)

I actually baked my ham and pineapple earlier in the week so I could have part of it for lunches on my salads. This ham really helped stretch my grocery budget this week. You can cut it up and serve it with brown rice in a stir fry for lunch or dinner or on a salad. You just a lot for your money! The ham was only $10.81 and I got a bunch of meat from it. I also saved my ham bone to make bean and ham soup later on. You can find my recipe {HERE}. 

ALDI has the best deal in town on pinaepples! You can get fresh pineapple for $.99 each! If you've never had fresh pineapple, you are missing out.

Just rip off the top, gently shave off the sides, and cut around the pineapple leaving the core (center). 

I rubbed and sprinkled just a little organic light brown sugar on my ham and pineapple. Add about an inch of water to your baking dish and cover everything in foil. Bake at 350 degrees. You typically bake your ham for 22 minutes per pound.

Serve with sweet potatoes, steamed brussel sprouts, and cauliflower. This meal is still special and delicious without sabotaging all of your efforts!

The rest of my budget went to salads and eggs for the week for lunches and breakfasts. I made an extra frittata to change things up! And I will leave you with a grocery list {HERE} to keep things simple!

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