Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weight and Inch Loss Updates

I'm guessing it's about time for a long overdue weight loss/inch loss update, right? We all like those, am I right? Last year was a real struggle for me. My health battle was my main focus and I regained about 30 pounds. My energy levels were off because I was doing everything I could to just survive. I was misdiagnosed for most of the year and then I faced a real diagnosis. Reality hit me square in the face. I could either let it define me or I could learn to manage it the best I could. I decided to tackle things the best way I knew how: through living a healthy lifestyle. Everything over the past four years has taught me that a healthy lifestyle doesn't just help my waistline. It touches every aspect of my life. I took the time to dial down what worked for my body and then I relentlessly pursued a happy, healthy life. 

I have a very healthy relationship with food and exercise now. I am blessed with wonderful relationships and friendships. And I have peace finally... and my body is showing it.

I am only 4 pounds heavier than my lightest adult weight two years ago. But then it doesn't end there... My actual measurements tell me I am at my smallest size ever as an adult. I am more muscular than I have ever been. Thank you, Zumba® fitness!

My previously measurements in 2014:

Bust 35.5
Waist 27
Abdomen (My belly pooch) 33.5
Hips 37.25
Right Upper Leg 21.5
Right Lower Leg 16.25
Right Calf 15
Left Upper Leg 21.5
Left Lower Leg 16.75
Left Calf 14.75
Right Arm 10.75
Left Arm 10.75

As of today:
Bust 35
Waist 27
Abdomen 32.5
Hips 36.5
Right Upper Leg 21
Right Lower Leg 15.75
Right Calf 14.5
Left Upper Leg 21
Left Lower Leg 16.5
Left Calf 14.5
Right Arm 10.75
Left Arm 10.75

I eat things I want in moderation and I workout to have fun. I don't torture myself! I simply workout with all of my favorite people twice a week in our Zumba® fitness classes. I sweat and laugh! Sometimes I eat doughnuts and fried rice, but I refuse to feel guilty and eliminate anything that brings me joy. I don't have fried rice every single day and I don't eat until I am stuffed sick. It's all about balance and moderation. I plan to talk about my lifestyle a little more in depth in the next few weeks. Do you have any specific questions for me?

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  1. I am always motivated seeing people having success in fitness. Someday I will reach my goals.



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