Sunday, March 20, 2016

Where Have We Been?!?

I've got so much to catch up on! I was talking to my husband this weekend and I realized that blogging is just on the back burner of my life right now. Our Zumba® fitness ministry at church has taken over and is growing bigger than anything we ever imagined. We moved to our church's gym and had a huge party to celebrate it. I thought maybe we'd have a few extra ladies, but I was not expecting close to 80 women to show up! I can remember the days when there were only five of us working out together. To lead almost 80 was a very exhilarating, humbling experience. 

I will say it time after time, I cannot do what I do without these two ladies by my side. They are my best friends and I am so encouraged by them every day. There are even times they ensure my own sanity! If I ever need an example of amazing Christian women, I look no further to my left or my right side. God has blessed me beyond measure with these two. 

No party would be complete without zebra striped balloons and tons of girly colors! 

I was so amazed by the number of women who poured through the doors! Area businesses donated over $1000 worth of prizes to giveaway to our ladies throughout the night. It was just amazing!

This guy right here was my rock throughout the week leading up to our party. I had a feeling it would be my largest class ever and I was so nervous. I am probably the shyest Zumba® instructor you will ever meet. I love my girls, but lots of new people really do overwhelm me. I'm fine once I get to know everyone, but dang I am a wreck before that! My husband was so sweet and gave me pep talks throughout the day. 

When I'm not teaching Zumba® fitness, I am spending lots of time with this little one. We went on a field trip to the Tennessee Aquarium and had a great time together.

Until a couple of days later.... I put on my new workout pants for the day and I felt anything but fierce. I thought my allergies had kicked up, but class really seemed to drain me. I got in my car to come home and I don't really remember making it to the bed. I remember asking my husband to just call my dad to let him know I probably wouldn't be at work the next day. I never call in. 

I ran a high fever all night and then we woke up with a sick Caleb the next morning. We both ended up with Type A flu. I also had a respiratory infection. For two whole days we never left the bed. Caleb and I have never been sick together nor have we ever had the flu. Luckily, Ryan took great care of us and he never caught the flu. 

I was able to drink ginger tea throughout my illness and I think it helped me so much. I also never had a migraine during my sickness.

On day three Caleb was doing a lot better! His temperature got scary high. We were borderline going to the hospital with him.

I can say I've never seen him sleep this much in his whole life. He's always on the go and I would much rather him stay active.

On Monday, I was back to Zumba® class but I took it very easy. 

By the following Thursday I was back to my regular self! My Zumba® mama made me a new sign for our new spot and I love it! She played off my initials and it's so cute!

My high school Z-baby is back too! She finally got a different job and we have her back in class. I am so excited!!! 

Caleb's school pictures arrived too. Can y'all believe how big he looks? He's just in Kindergarten!

We have finally welcomed spring and things around the house are looking gorgeous! I enjoy just sitting outside watching Caleb play.

I've started refreshing my wardrobe and I've picked things for our upcoming trip. I am looking forward to pretty spring pictures with Caleb. I've been working out harder in class and the extra effort is paying off. It's so exciting to try on clothes now!

I also took a trip to ALDI this weekend so watch the blog this week for that! I have some Easter dinner ideas, grilling ideas, and crockpot ideas!

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