Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fishing Begins...

So, the official first fishing weekend of the year is this weekend. On Saturday mornings, it will just be me and Caleb sleeping in! I have become a Tellico widow for the next several months as I have lost my husband to the trout fishing craze that consumes most every man on that mountain! For weeks, Ryan has been preparing and gathering all of his fishing supplies. Our last trip to Bass Pro Shop he got new fishing line (didn't I just buy fishing line last year???), a ceiling mount rod holder for the camper (because we have too many fishing rods - how many can one man fish with at one time???), various flies for fly fishing, and supplies to make flies (because the flies we bought just weren't good enough???). We spent two HOURS in the Bass Pro Shop! Then, he has to have a Sportsman Fishing License just to catch anything. Yes, that's $136 per year just to get the opportunity to fish. All of this time, energy, and money just to catch seven trout per day! Seriously. It's funny what a woman will do when she loves a man.

What does all of this buy me? Peaceful Saturday mornings in my camper where I can sleep in atleast until my dear husband wakes me up to tell me about his fishing experience. And then he'll expect breakfast and coffee!

Mom and I have planned to take Caleb for a walk in his stroller this weekend. I hope he enjoys being outdoors as much as his daddy and I do. My dad is buying Caleb his lifetime fishing license. He will never have to purchase a fishing license his entire life after that. I think it's really special because when Caleb is grown he'll be able to use something his Granddaddy gave him. Who knew talking about fishing could make me so sentimental?
I'm working on decorating the camper this weekend. I got a really great idea the last time I was there, so I have a project for this time. I'm going to post "before" pictures now and "after" pictures when we get back. Ryan's grandparents gave us their camper last year and we havereally fallen in love with it. I now have the energy to decorate it and I am really looking forward to it.

Our couch and bed area.

Our bathroom

The kitchen

The table (this has now been transformed into Caleb's area)

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