Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I survived the first fishing weekend!

Caleb was such a little ham this weekend! He decided to charm everyone in sight with all of his smiles and babbling! He's got such a great personality and is outgoing like his parents! I really hope these qualities stay with him throughout life. We're starting to see more and more pieces of his personality and it's really exciting. Although he's beginning to look like me, he's a charmer like his daddy.

Since he's started teething, Caleb has been pitching fits at night for his mommy. He won't go to sleep until he's in my arms and being loved on. It melts my heart every time! On Saturday night in Tellico, Caleb refused to go to bed until I laid down beside him. I think he really loves Tellico because it's his time to snuggle up in bed next to us!
The fishing wasn't too great on Saturday morning. Ryan and Dad both caught two trout. Others in the campground reported the same luck. Maybe next weekend will be a little better? Dad woke up at 5:30 am to go fishing and Ryan overslept as usual. He still made it to the river in time and had fun.
Caleb, Mom, Debbie, and I took a walk around the campgrounds this weekend. Caleb absolutely loves being outside (wonder where he gets that?). He fell asleep in his stroller. When Ryan and I were shopping for his stroller, we decided to get one of the jogging strollers for Tellico. I didn't know how much of a difference it would make off road, but I am highly pleased with it. I was so surprised at how effortless it was to push it on rutted, gravel roads. It was a very easy ride for Caleb too. He actually fell asleep!
I wasn't able to do any decorating this weekend. Caleb kept me busy the whole time. I plan on working on it when we go up next.
One of our dear friends in Tellico wasn't able to come up this weekend. His grandson was in a terrible car accident on Friday. He broke his back in two places and is very lucky to be alive. My family is praying for a speedy recovery for David.

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