Friday, May 6, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Favorite Vacation Spots

It has been a while since we've had an official family vacation, but I wanted to share mine on Kelly's Korner today. This feels like a blast from the past!

During the summer of '09 I was pregnant with Caleb. Ryan and I took Bryce and Madison to Virginia Beach for our first family vacation. We absolutely loved it! I think the best part was the hotel we stayed in. The Cavalier Hotel opened in 1927 and is absolutely amazing! Located right on Virginia Beach, it had everything we wanted. We were a short walk from the boardwalk and plenty of restaurants. It felt more like a resort than just a place to stay.

There are actually two buildings. This one is the original building and then there's one right on the beach.
We visited the Virginia Aquarium, the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel, and the Oceana Naval Base.

The beaches were beautiful!

One of our favorite things was going out to catch some crabs at night.
It was hilarious!

Best place to eat there:
It is expensive ($31.00 a person), but truly worth the splurge. 
We had our very own waiter all to ourselves and we got the best seafood around.
Seriously amazing!

Ryan and I also spent a weekend getaway in Charleston, South Carolina.
We really enjoyed staying there and it was just a five hour drive for us.
It was a special time for us since I was sworn in by the United States Coast Guard as a boat captain there and we had just found out we were pregnant!

I think the best part was going on a carriage ride through downtown Charleston at night.
Old Coastal homes are beautiful!

I love Naval shipyards and there are plenty there!

 Ryan and I consider Tellico our favorite vacation spot!
Tellico Plains, Tennessee feels more like home to us.
We spent a week there after we got married.
It's beautiful...

The trout fishing is amazing!
We are only a short drive away from Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
If you love shopping, Pigeon Forge is amazing!
In Gatlinburg, our favorite place to stay is The Wilderness at the Smokies or the Bearskin Lodge.
Our room at the Bearskin Lodge

I hope you enjoyed my favorite places!
If you would like more information, please feel free to comment!


  1. I am here from Kelly's Korner! I was so excited to see "Tellico" on your link!! My mother's father's family came to Tellico Plains in the early 1900's from North Carolina and in my Papaw's retirement he decided to move back there. I spent many MANY summers in Tellico Plains, I have lots of family there from my Papaw's extended family and two of my aunts live there. We have stayed in the cabins on the river many times when there were just too many people at Mamaw & Papaw's (we have a large family). Have you eaten at the Beach restaurant? I am so glad to see someone else who knows where Tellico Plains, TN is! (I live in TN as well, about 2 hours from Tellico, though)

  2. Julia, it's so nice to find someone who has actually heard of it! There's so much history from that area that is often overlooked. Generations of my family have loved that beautiful area. We are also about two hours from there. We have a camper across from Green Cove hotel towards the top of the mountain. Are you familiar with it?

  3. I know where that is! My grandparents place (they have both since passed on) is actually on the road going toward Etowah, so the river and everything is a little bit of a drive from there, but we have drove up all those roads. I used to hate it when I was little, but now I can appreciate how beautiful it is. Oh, I mean to say this is my last post but my husband and I love the Bearskin lodge in Gatlinburg as well! We were married in Gatlinburg and spent our "babymoon" at the Bearskin before our daughter was born. We live 45 minutes from Gatlinburg now, so we don't usually stay overnight anymore.

  4. oh wowzers tellico looks pretty!!!!
    thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. wow.. I hope i can visit here one day.. envy mode..Last year I went to Wisconsin Dells. The Water Parks out there are really extravagant just right enough to be called Water Parks Capital in the US. Fabulous!



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