Monday, May 16, 2011

Trees Everywhere

Blog friends, let me tell you something: I am so very grateful for the family God blessed me with! I've seen plenty of families with a great mom or a great dad, maybe even an awesome aunt or uncle. I am truly privileged enough to have them all. I even lucked out and was given wonderful in-laws as well. If you've followed my blog at all, you know that I have a family who is constantly my support system. They keep me balanced and sane. I love that Ryan and I have been able to grow closer to all of them as our own family grows. I'm always amazed at the ways our family looks out for us, mentors to us, and guides us through life. This has all weighed heavily on my mind since I've been recovering with the whole back injury thing. I really just wanted to tell the world how much they mean to me.

On Friday, my mom was able to keep Caleb for us. It warms my heart when they get one-on-one time and Caleb always learns to do something absolutely cute. Saturday was a designated tree cutting party at Mom and Dad's. A tree from the neighbor's yard fell up hill and landed across their old cedar tree in the terrible storm we had a couple of weeks ago.
My dad, Ryan, my brother, my father-in-law, and a friend all got together to cut and split the tree.

It's amazing how hard these guys worked!
It was such a mess.
This one played as hard as the others worked....

Caleb sings all of the time now!
My mom taught him to just sing the words "baby, baby, baby" and when he does, it is the most precious thing ever! He actually has a Southern accent while doing it!

As if Ryan hadn't chopped down enough trees (have I mentioned his chain saw obsession???), he also worked in our backyard this weekend. We're prepping the back yard for a new fence and it has been a chore getting everything done.
This is what our back yard looked like before....
Looked like a jungle out there....

This is now....
We have a handful of trees to finish getting out and then I can finally have some grass!
I think trees are other people's yards.

Go, Hubby, Go!!!
I made him a lemon cake with lemon glaze all over it....

My back is not one hundred percent better yet, but I am thankful that it's getting there.
We were able to make it to church on Sunday. Having a week off really made a difference for me. I really missed it.

I do have a prayer request to pass on:
A lady named Emily lost someone very close to her family in a car accident last week.
Please remember her family in your prayers today.

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