Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

Remember that the Stampin' Up Giveaway ends today! I'll do the drawing tonight, so you've got a few more hours to enter! Good luck!

We had a very busy weekend. On Friday, we all loaded up and went to Tellico. When we got there, Granny had Caleb a new toy to play on...He loved it! 

It's a good thing we have this golf cart up there.
Caleb is so content riding on it everywhere we go!
With all of the storms and tornadoes that have gone on around us, Ryan and I have been so fortunate to not have any storm damage to the camper. There's tons of trees around it and we worry every time there's ugly weather. I sent pictures to my insurance agent of all the additions we've done to it. I realized this weekend that I didn't have great pictures. Well, I certainly do now....

Our home away from home....

I just realized we've got a ton of firewood up there and at the house. I told you all that my hubby was obsessed with the chain saw....

There's the tour....
On Sunday, Caleb and I spent the day together. It's rare that we get this opportunity, but I really enjoyed it.
We missed church because Caleb just wasn't feeling 100%.
Don't let that fool you though!
We spent the day cleaning and he really wanted to help.
He is super obsessed with the vacuum (well, he is my kid) and wanted to push it the whole time.
After about an hour of all that, I finally got the floor vacuumed!
Should have been a fifteen minute job, but that's okay.
When Caleb finally laid down for a long nap, I morphed into Super Mommy.
I mowed the yard, scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors (on my hands and knees), dusted all of the furniture, did three loads of laundry, and made an awesome dinner.
Seriously....turkey, dressing, green beans, cranberry sauce, and homemade banana nut bread.
I was on a roll.

By the time Ryan got home, the house sparkled and smelled like I'd slaved away at dinner for hours (um, I kinda did). And he breaks the bad news to me:
My mommy mobile has some issues.
My VSA light came on, the SUV wouldn't shift into drive, and he had to override it with......A SCREWDRIVER! Seriously.
It's driveable, but going into the shop as we speak.
Luckily it's under warranty!
As exhausted as I was, I went out and cleaned it from top to bottom last night.
It's as squeaky clean as the house now.
I heard something a while back and it always makes me think....
If a car mechanic works on your vehicle and it looks like you take great care of it, they will put forth more effort to care for it as well. They are naturally more aware of what they are doing.
We'll see.....
I was surprised to see just how messy my toddler is.
I don't know what he does in the back seat, but it literally looked like a tornado moved through it.
Toys and goldfish crackers were EVERYWHERE!
He must get that from his Daddy....


  1. I know this is random but I have been super pumped since I found out that UniverSoul Circus was on its way to Nashville. They are scheduled to come to the Nashville Municipal Auditorium June 23-24. When I lived in Maryland I took my nephews just about every year…we absolutely LOVE this circus. Just thought this seemed like a fun activity you might be interested in posting.

    Have a marvelous Monday!


  2. Lilbabyangel9128May 23, 2011 at 3:14 PM

    I really hope we go this weekend!!

  3. first of all i just have to say that caleb is just so super cute!!! I really like your alls home away from home...makes me want one. I haven't been to Tellico but I've passed the exit and it looks really pretty around there and very relaxing! Your stamping up giveaway is an awesome one! I used to work for a shop downtown called Little Lace Lady and they sold stampin up products and there are some really cute stuff.

  4. Hey, girl! It's good to see you on here. We missed you guys this weekend. I'd like for us all to be able to go up!

  5. We love it there. You should visit sometime. Maddy would really have a ball. I remember hearing about Little Lace Lady. Is it still open? I am totally in love with Stampin' Up stuff. I am thinking of having a scrapbooking weekend and seeing if Mary Ellen could bring some of her stuff out.



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