Sunday, November 13, 2011

Choo Choo....

Yesterday was Caleb's second birthday! It's so hard for me to believe I have had him in my life for two whole years now. The time has just flown past me and I am so very thankful for each day I have spent with him. He is such a joy to me and our whole family. We all decided to get together to celebrate his birthday with him this weekend.

Ryan and I took Caleb out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel where he got a pancake and all of my grits! We managed to make it through the meal and our sweet boy happened to spill his milk all over the floor....After that crisis, we took him over to the mall to play for a bit.

For lunch, we met up with Granny, Granddaddy, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Wade, Uncle Brian, Aunt Tara and Zoey for our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Caleb loves his Granddaddy like crazy!

Whatever Granddaddy does, Caleb follows...

Caleb has learned to say "Cheese" before pictures!

After lunch, we met up with Nana and Pappy for a special surprise!
We took Caleb for his first train ride!

He kept saying, "Mommy! Choo choo!"

I had never been to the local railroad museum before, but we really enjoyed it.

We were so excited!
Some little boy just couldn't sit still...

Caleb really enjoyed looking out the windows...

He had to show Aunt Tara his new bear...

And then showed Aunt Debbie...

We posed for a few pictures...

I love this one of Caleb and sweet!

Caleb and Daddy climbed into a train....

And Caleb had to show Pappy too!

Zoey was so quiet we almost didn't know she was there!

I think this picture is just the sweetest!

We had a great time on our first train ride! 

We have so many new toys to unpackage! I think we'll be spending a lot of time over the next week or so sorting through everything. 

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