Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Reached B.C.!

I simply cannot wait until Monday to update you all! Today I have made a huge accomplishment. As you may know, I've been struggling for three whole weeks to break this stinkin' plateau with my weight loss. I've struggled...I've been a little blue....but it has not been in vain!

Today marks a huge milestone:

I am officially at my pre-pregnancy weight!!!!  
I am at my B.C. (Before Caleb) weight!!!!

I have not been at this weight since I got pregnant with Caleb....for the first time since March of 2009! So it took me a little less than three years, but that's what makes today so special. It was well worth waiting three weeks for this! Normally, I would have gotten discouraged and given up. I would have regained some weight and been unhappy. 

But not this time! Not today!

My cravings for sweets, junk food, and my all time favorite (Coca Cola) have diminished greatly! I have not had a "real" Coca Cola in over two months. I never thought I'd say that! I have had a cookie here and there if I wanted it enough. I have not deprived myself and I still get to enjoy results!

I read several articles before and after having Caleb that said if you don't lose the pregnancy weight in the first year after having your child, you pretty much don't have a chance. I am here to prove that it can be done! You can be healthy at any point in your life. Don't let people discourage you and make you think you missed your chance. That is setting yourself up to fail. I did that and then decided they were wrong. You can do this too!

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