Monday, January 2, 2012

Sensa Weight Loss System

Blog friends, now is the time to share with you my latest and greatest adventure....

I promised you I would be completely open and honest here on this little blog, so here we go. The company behind the Sensa Weight Loss System contacted me in late November and we agreed I would do a sixty day trial of their product. I was instructed to be very open and honest about any results I had....both good and bad.

Before I agreed to participate in this review, I checked it out online. I watched and read every testimonial I could get my hands on. The thing that appealed most to me is that Sensa doesn't claim to make you loose 100 pounds in a week. They promote safe, reasonable weight loss over a period of time. They claim that you can loose around thirty pounds in six months just by simply sprinkling their product on your food. If you think about it, five pounds a month from just sprinkling your food seems more than reasonable, right???

If you'd like to see what people are saying in the media about Sensa, please click HERE!

By now you may be wondering, "How exactly does Sensa work?"

"The scientific principle behind SENSA® is remarkably simple. As you eat smell and taste receptors send messages to your brain which release hormones that tell your body it's time to stop eating. This is a phenomenon we call Sensory Specific Satiety. By enhancing smell, SENSA® Tastants were designed to help speed up the process and trigger your "I feel full" signal, so you eat less and feel more satisfied. Because SENSA® works with your body's natural impulses, rather than against them, there are no feelings of hunger or intense cravings."

Simple enough, right?  I thought so too.....

I received my package right after Christmas and I immediately got started. 
It came with a helpful DVD and two small boxes to shake on my meals. 

They also sent me some chews and drink mix which I have not tried yet. 

I cannot tell any difference in the taste of my food when I sprinkle the Sensa on it. I have noticed that I feel full so much sooner during my meals. My initial weight loss has been pretty good. Since December 26, I have lost 7 pounds and I don't feel like I have been trying at all! I think I am more aware of what I am putting in my body since I have to stop and take time to sprinkle Sensa on it. Junk food isn't really worth the effort when it comes down to taking the time to sprinkle Sensa on it. I think it makes me stop and think before I actually eat something and it has been really helpful! 

I have sixty days to see how well Sensa works for me. My weight and I battle constantly so if this works for me I am fairly sure it can help anyone! 

My goals for the next sixty days are:

  • To use Sensa on everything I put in my mouth, as directed.
  • To drink at least 64 ounces of water each day.
  • To become more active to ensure I have results.
I will update you weekly with my progress....If I happen to do well, I will throw in a bonus post at the end of the sixty days. Keep checking back and cheer me on, so I can share it with you! 

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  1. Best wishes Wendy! Sounds great! I will look forward to reading more



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