Monday, February 20, 2012

Progress – Week Eight

Here we are eight weeks into this now. I have literally been wearing the same outfits over and over for the past three years. When I gained weight through my pregnancy and then failed miserably at losing it, I refused to buy clothes. I hated clothes shopping when I felt so heavy. If I got a new outfit, it was due to my mom or aunt giving it to me. I have seriously worn holes into some of my clothes because I wore them over and over. They were the only things that fit. The only things I felt comfortable in. This past week, I found holes in my favorite “fat” jeans and lounge pants. I started to completely freak out when I put them in the garbage.

Grown woman….flipping out….near tears….over two pair of “fat” pants.

Poor hubby looked at me like I had lost my mind. Maybe I had. Then he said something that completely rocked my world…
“Wendy, those stupid things are way too big for you now. They look horrible on you. You have to buy some new clothes.”

My sweet hubby let me pick out some new clothes for my Valentine’s Day gift last week. Since we didn’t really know what size I was he thought it was best that I tried everything on myself instead of him guessing. Smart man, right?

My mom and I took the opportunity to shop at Kohl’s (one of my favorite stores). I picked a couple of outfits that were one size smaller than what I had been wearing. I was optimistic, but did not get my hopes up. I know the scale says I’ve lost 27 pounds, but my mind still believes I am still where I began. The whole time I had this thought in my mind that if things just didn’t fit I would not buy any clothes that day….
I found two cute fleece outfits and a beautiful pair of jeans. I dreaded walking into the dressing room like I had over the last few years. I already knew how this would go….I would find something cute and really want it. I would try it on and I’d look like a cow. I already had this scenario worked out in my mind.
I started with the more forgiving outfits….and they fit! I looked at the pair of jeans and felt slightly hopefully. As I put them on, I realized they were still a little more loose. In stunned silence, I walked out of the dressing room and  grabbed the next size down ….tried them on. I just knew there was no possible way….
Shock of the century!

I literally had on a pair of jeans that should NOT fit! I checked the tag four times….I texted my mom on the other side of the store….I took a picture to show hubby. Seriously flipping out in the dressing room. I pray no one else was in there while this was going on….
So, what’s the point of all this drama today???
I have officially dropped FOUR SIZES since I began!!!!!! I am wearing the same size jeans that I wore when I first married my sweet hubby. That is epically big! My shirt size is a whole size smaller than when I began as well! I have lost 27 pounds so far….
Even though my weight loss had slowed, I’m still making progress. I’m eating a million times healthier now and taking so much better care of myself. I may never be a size 0, but I really don’t care to be. I’m pretty now even though I am not as small as I would like to be. I can embrace my nice features and know that my hubby is pleased with the way I look. My progress may be slow, but I am getting there. Any day I don’t gain is a victory.

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