Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Marina Broke....

I'm still here, friends. Ryan and I are working like crazy around the marina. The past two days have found me buried under loads of paperwork and answering phone calls. There have been times that I have stopped to cry with some of the boat owners who lost their boats and times that we just breathe a sigh of relief when others were spared. My emotions run from one extreme to the next depending on the moment. I admit that I come home just drained in the evenings.

I gave our boys at work a special gift today.... I arranged for them to have their tetnus shots. Since they're dealing with metal from the docks, I helped them out a bit. As you may imagine, they weren't too quick to thank me!

Caleb is doing just fine. He doesn't understand why his momma has to work so much lately, but he's been pretty spoiled by everyone else. Ryan and I spent the evening snuggled up with him yesterday and it really seemed to help. We also took him to the marina to show him that it was "broke". Now all he talks about is "marina boo boo." It's quite pitiful! I do think he understands a little more when I'm telling him we're going to fix it...

I'm beyond exhausted, so my rear is getting to bed....Thanks for all the prayers!!!!

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